• How to Get Role Assignments for a Resource in Azure Using Python

    How to Get Role Assignments for a Resource in Azure Using Python

    If you are in a role similar to one I am in now, where there is heavy oversight into certain data the company owns due to federal regulations, you may get assigned a similar project where you need to automatically retrieve various ownership and access information about one or more databases in your Azure cloud…

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  • First Thoughts About Azure

    First Thoughts About Azure

    As many of you probably already know, my cloud development career started in AWS, which I worked with for just about 3 years while I worked at Scentsy. Since my recent transition to a new job at a different company, I have started to develop in Azure instead, and it’s been a learning journey. Although…

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  • Resuming Posting Schedule

    Now that I am almost two months into my new job, I am finally feeling ready to get back into posting regularly about the technical work I’m doing during my day job. In the next few weeks, you can expect a general post about Azure versus AWS development since I’ve worked with both now, as…

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